About us

With CryptoGraphics, we aim to bring clear and concise illustrations on everything Blockchain and (thus) crypto, for everyone.

Our cause

As with most groundbreaking and emerging technologies, Blockchain is not yet fully understood by everyone, sometimes not even by those directly involved. We strive to provide the visual means to make the technology more comprehensible for everyone. As this is a labor of love, these illustrations – unless otherwise noted – are free to use for everyone.

The team

  • Klaas Leussink, Graphic Designer / Full stack developer / Blockchain enthousiast – Website
  • Bart Suichies, Enterprise Blockchain Specialist / Digital Strategy & Innovation Lead / Entrepreneur – Website

Validation pool

To make sure our illustrations are accurate, we run them by various knowledgeable people in the industry; our validation pool. Interested in joining? Drop us a line.

Custom illustrations

Should our work not suffice, and you are looking for more in-depth, custom illustrations, feel free to contact us to discuss your options.


At CryptoGraphics, we work hard to bring you insightful infographics of Blockchain technology concepts. While we mostly provide these for free, we do appreciate it if you want to donate to help us keep doing what we do. You can find our donation-addresses below.